Sable Auto Feeder

Supplementary feeding is necessary when grass fields are deficient in energy and protein. In sheep, shearing, pregnancy and lactation all increase the flock’s nutritional requirements. However supplementary feeding is an expensive and time-consuming option if not done right.

This is where the Agramex Innovations SABLE FEEDER comes in, there are two variants, one dispenses the food through gravity with a storage capacity of 300kg and the other by a Solar-powered Automatic time control function with a storage capacity of 150kg, these will not only save you time but also your hard earned money.

Today I want to tell you more about the Agramex Innovations everso popular product nl. the Solar-powerd Automatic Sable feeder.

The HDPE structure is easily moveable, lightweight, and virtually indestructible. The included digital timer provides up to 6 automated feedings a day. Easily manage your game and/or sheep feeding without daily visits to the feeder. Low centre of gravity allows the feeder to rest safely, without the fear of it being knocked over by animals.

The included solar panel keeps the battery charged all year round. Fill your feeder and set your timer; no need to constantly check on your feeder, which makes it perfect for farmers that can only get to their animals once a week.

Our patented design dispenses the feed evenly to the feeding bowl and are designed to eliminate wasted feed to varmints and maintain a clean feeding station. It also provides a low profile design for easy filling. It has a waterproof locking lid that is also baboon proof.

This Agramex Innovations 150kg capacity feeder is constructed from heavy-duty, all-weather polyethylene for durability and is UV protected to ensure that will not fade within the first five years!

The battery pack and solar panel has a two year warranty and the plastic a five year warranty against factory defects.

This master unit can control up to three slave units.

Proudly manufactured in the SA!

Why supplementary feed?

  • Reduce grazing pressure on grass fields, over-grazing can lead to soil being blown or washed away and fields being lost
  • Meet the sheep or game’s energy and protein requirements
  • Improve production of meat or wool to achieve targets
  • Reduce the grazing pressure on establishing pastures to ensure that pasture growth rates are optimised.

Nonetheless, getting animals to grow out and develop optimally is seen as an excellent investment. The best way of doing this is through their mouths, as nutrition is one of the few factors the producer can properly control.

The Agramex Innovations feeders are designed to provide years of hassle free feeding. Order yours today!